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electroimc.com is a blog dedicated to electronic information for hobbyists and professionals. In this website you will find various electronic projects presented in a detailed and complete way: in addition to electronic schematics, there are practical advices for the realization and theoretical analysis about the working principles and the design method. The purpose of electroimc.com is indeed this one: to present not only a schematic, but to help the reader to understand every aspect of it, so that he will be able, with his creativity, to modify it for his needs.

All the projects are original and realized by the author of this blog himself, a young Italian who turned his passion for electronics into a work. They are usually available in the three languages that he knows: Italian, English and Spanish. To complete the projects offer, various articles about electronic, mathematical and physical theory can be found, in order to help the reader to understand every aspect of this wonderful science.

Born from a simple static html website firs published in 2005, this blog is the last step of a many years evolution which stills goes on; the experience gained during all this time made the website change and evolve, causing a continuous improvement of the quality of the offered articles.

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